I couldn't resist trying these drop earrings from the design in my July 1 post - the Marcia Balonis Spring Loaded design -- the pattern is so versatile, you can make as many components as you would like I made two components for these earrings and I think they are pretty perfect.  Any more might be too heavy.


A new design called "J-O-sef" by Vezsuzsi, taught by Sandy Taylor at Bead Street using superduos, rizo beads, o-beads and 11.0 sb.  I added the pearl/Czech glass beads down the middle just to add a bit of splash and they also help the rizos stand up like little petals.  

This is another version of my July 14 post, showing totally different colors using the "O bead" design by Marcia Balonis.  The colors just meld in this bracelet.  I have gathered beads from wherever I travel, and so I started looking in my stash... imagine that!  Using beads I already have... totally new concept!  But, I digress...  The peachy fire polish beads I used from my stash were perfect with the turquoise and greens and darker reds - I found them in a little store in Helena, MT.  The finished color combo looks very Santa Fe-ish!  :) 


PINCH BEADED BEADS in a completed set and O RINGS bracelet pattern.

Finished my necklace and earrings, from my previous post of the pinch beaded beads I learned at Bead Street week or so ago.  I added a few more beaded beads, some Czech glass pearls and some new Czech shapes, and Ohhhh My, the finish on these brand new Czech glass beads is absolutely incredible.  If I could afford all of the strings Eileen had, I would have purchased them!!!  It's fun to have a new grouping of shapes.  This necklace is really a beautiful piece, w/earrings to match.  Yummers is all I can say on the meshing of the hues in varying shades of blue/grey/green/copper/gold and bronze.

NOW FOR THE NEW DESIGN using the new Czech "O" Rings.  A bracelet designed by Marcia Balonis, taught at Bead Street by Sandy Taylor.  A different grouping of colors for me in that I really started out wanting to make something that would go with black.  I started with the 4mm dark grey fire polish, had additional 3mm black fp on my beading pad, but then couldn't go through with it.  I needed something to make the copper/silver/grey pop, so used more of a mustard 3mm.  This is really fun - colors in person are really more unusual and blended than it shows here.



A lovely afternoon of making beaded beads with pinch beads, 11.0 sb, Czechmates 2-hole lentils and Super Duos - all designed by Eileen @ Bead Street.  I love beaded beads!  They are just so versatile.  Thanks, Eileen, for sharing with us.  I had a great time!  New posts coming with projects using these beads.  A couple new earring projects below.  The first set hilights one of the new pinch beaded beads, the others use whatever was in my view... on my beading table and thereabouts! 

This darlin pair of earrings focuses on one of the new beaded bead patterns.  Love these multi-faceted pinch beads in orange/red/pink/yellow.  I also "just happened" to have the same multi-colored fire polish in my stash, and the darlin' copper hearts - p e r f e c t!

I needed a pair that included some turquoise to match a necklace I have, so paired chips with brass findings, instead of my usual copper.  And, because my hair is longer now, my earrings seem to be getting longer too. 
Ooooh, these are so lovely.  Brass findings again, with coral in two different tones, and the teardrops were in my stash, but I don't have a clue what stone they are.  It just all worked together.  Love this color!



Since my last post, I'm happy to say, I finished my design for a coordinating necklace and earrings to go with my lovely new "blues" spring loaded triangle bracelet.  Aren't these colors FABULOUS together?  Who knew?  Well, I kind of did, but I'm not sure I've ever put them together in a full ensemble.  The necklace incorporates tooth/dagger beads in sea glass, along with the blue Czech flowers, pearls and little bell lucite flowers.  Also some copper rounds thrown in.  Unbelievably, this necklace is very light, which is unusual for sea glass.  I made a couple of different earrings to go with too, just to have options.  And, I've also included a few better shots of that beautiful bracelet. 

I added glass donuts to this version, and then wired in the darker blue pearls.  You can't really get the true appeal of the pearls in these pics.  They are really gorgeous.  I had to go back and buy a few more strands at Bead Street (of course!) to have on stock for other projects.... whatever those may be.  If only I could find all those beads I've purchased for those other projects.... they are buried deep. :)

This version I used two different sizes of Czech bell flowers and also small lucite flowers underneath for some added color. 



A new design by TrendSetter Marcia Balonis aptly named "Spring Loaded", learned in a class taught by Sandy Taylor @ Bead Street.  Dang it, my photos came out slightly overexposed - it was pretty bright out this morning when I took the pics.  But, you can still get the idea of how incredible the blues and  the turquoise colors mesh in this design.  The dark blue pearls are absolutely incredible -- really a warm shade.  I actually changed the design slightly and added the Czech flowers in the center, instead of round button beads as in the original design - you really can use anything that's 10mm without having to alter the number of 11.0's you use.  I'm in the process of completing this set with earrings and a necklace.  Will post when finished.  Thanks Eileen for providing such wonderful beads so we can all make beautiful jewelry!!!!  Couldn't do it without you!