NEW BRACELETS - The first two shown below are the same pattern using the new double hole bricks, but wow, what a difference in appearance just by substituting ...

Here's the first one I made - a totally new design by Eileen Barker at Bead Street using two hole bricks, just in.  (Thanks, Eileen!) BEAD STREET.  These beads certainly open up a whole new dimension of possibilities.  My bracelet looks like cotton candy to me... it's totally Spring.

I used a Czech glass button, which reflects all the colors of the beads.

 Here's the fun part - SAME pattern, but using daisy two hole Czech glass beads instead of the bricks.   Don't you love how a pattern can look totally different just by a substitution?  And, to make the daisy bracelet a little wider with a bit of a flair, I added an extra row through the picots using square 4mm and 11sb.


 A freeform wire flower bracelet using 26 gauge wire to wrap the beads and leaves - added to chainmaille - using two colors of jump rings.  The wire wrapping was a challenge, but the wire gave me a little more flexibility in readjusting locale of each bead/leaf.



Eileen said...

Beautiful!! Love it when you take a pattern and 'test' it with other beads. Great work.

Caterina said...

Beautiful bracelets! So colorful:) Regards from Poland :)