Another fun option for the snakeskin pattern -- One row of 2-hole daggers in spring colors makes a lovely necklace.  Even though it's still February... I'm so ready for spring.  These colors take me in that direction.  The ceramic pendant is from Tracee Dock, The Classic Bead. Her clay creation adds just the right amount of pizazz to this piece!



Another new bracelet design (by StarMan TrendSetter Svetlana Einy) class taught at Bead Street, by Sandy Taylor.  I really wasn't sure I was going to like this pattern, but as usual, FELL IN LOVE as I worked the beads.  Color options are unlimited, as long as the beads haven't already flown out of Eileen's store.  I took the second offering (or maybe third) of this class, and felt very lucky to do so.  I'm enjoying my choice of colors on this one - kind of unusual for me - the blue daggers are two-tone with black, and then I added black, metalic black and a milky white opal color.  Since denim is a staple in my after-hours and weekend wardrobe, I thought it was time to go blue with some pizazz thrown in!  This pattern is just as pretty on the backside as it is on the topside.  Very unsual and fun!

My second version - multi colors mix.




HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!  I love RED, and of course hearts, so this is one of my favorite Holidays.  And, my hubby gave me a dozen red roses this morning - which is very unusual! He usually gets me something small, but this was lovely!  So, I share my happiness... and say that after 36 years of marriage, he still surprises me with that which I don't expect!  Happy beading!

And of course, I must include some beading in this post -- an oldie but a goodie. I made this bracelet a year or two ago... can't quite remember.  It was patterned after an inspiration project at Fusion Beads.  Loved the idea, so did my own thing with it.  Lots of stitching, but well worth it.  I used metallic hex delica 8.0 seed beads inbetween each section so it looks like hinges.  I LOVE THIS ONE!



FUN FUN FUN... I wanted to have a multi colored Spring heart using turquoise, green and orange/red FP.  This was a challenge for me -- you can see that each flower is intertwined with the next, so it took me awhile to figure out the order as I stitched each connecting round.  I think it would be cute if they didn't match as well... but for this version, I feel I accomplished what I set out to do.  Unmatching earrings let me paint outside the box just slightly!!!

Aren't these just too dang cute?  Loved the way they turned out.


HEARTS continued...

WHAT ELSE?  More hearts of course...  Lighting makes such a difference, in determining how my art pieces project their gorgeousness...  The photos below give some interesting contrast - one version is taken outside in natural lighting - albeit dusk lighting.  The other under my beading lamp indoors. Both versions give you a slightly different perspective.  The last heart is lovely, but neither photo really does it justice.  The blue/greens with the AP fire polish beads in the center are truly lovely.  Have to see 'em in person to fully appreciate, which I do - each and every one!  How many heart necklaces can one woman wear at the same time I wonder...  :)