Earrings to match the bling Christmas necklace of last post. I'm trying something new with this post and my last. For those of you who watch my blog or see me on FB, I will occasionally list something for sale. The challenge will be payment as I'm not on Etsy or set up for PayPal as of yet, so this may be more for local patronage ... These earrings are 27.00. I did some wire wrapping around the red crystal and added tiny chain to give a bit more interest. Fun!!



The last week project learned at Bead Street, in class taught by Sandy!  Beeeeuuuuuttteeeeful!  This is a shiny one, perfect for the Holidays.  It's a design by Vezsuzsi named the Kolo pendant.  I love my choice of purple coupled with the translucent, flashy pink/red.  I added a blingy necklace with a couple of gold fire polish, and one red crystal, thrown in to spruce it up.  I'm working on earrings now.  I'm willing to sell this piece if there is interest... as it is worthy of blinding people during the HollyDaze! Let me know if interest!


This is one of those Labor of Love projects.  A friend of mine asked me if I could do something with some beads she had purchased some 12 years ago in Mexico.  I looked at them and knew I could, but time is short, so wasn't sure I'd figure out just what for awhile.  It did take me some time, but it finally came to me (at night when I do my best thinking!).  Wire wrapping flat cabochons is not something I do much of, so I knew it would be a challenge.  But I feel great about the outcome of this learning experience.  I'm not positive, but think these stones are a version of Green Jade or Apatite.  If anyone knows, please feel free to enlighten me.  The last picture provides a better view of the true color.  Photos sometimes are just hard to get...



My newest dangles for the season, which work for one more week, thank you very much!  Thank you to Penny Dixon, Trendsetters designer at Starman, Inc., for this wonderful earring pattern. It's on the COVER of Beadwork's October/November issue.  It's an intricate, beautifully put together design using netting and picot stitching, and as you can see, the color combos are endless.  I wanted to do something for Thanksgiving, and these beads I had in my stash, so kind of jumbled them together.  These brown/translucent pear shaped drops are hard to photo to highlight the beauty of the markings, but you get the idea.  My friends and I think these look a bit like turkeys!  All the better!



I KNOW, I KNOW, it's not Thanksgiving yet, but I have to be ready...  This is my Christmas version of a fun pattern called "Tubari" designed by Eileen at Bead Street.  It's a modified tubular herringbone stitch, using 8/0 sb and Unos.   The original pattern used Rizos, which made a lovely piece, but I also like to experiment.  I finished it with bronze bead caps and then wire wrapped a couple of 8mm FP and a bronze crystal, with chain.  The earrings I wire wrapped, using a larger bronze colored bead for the center (it's light weight tho - not real brass), with a green crystal and red 8mm FP.





Hand made table cut Czech glass beads make the most wonderful statement.  The beads are kind of hard to find, and I've had to order them on line - some from the UK.  I'm not sure why that is, but I think it has something to do with being hand made - not machine cut.  Anyway, I'm in love with them this season and pretty much find anything Czech glass is wonderful to work with.  I wire wrapped the little turquoise Czech flower buttons on top of the leaves so they stay forward, which worked well to tighten them down a bit.  I also added some sponge coral rounds under the top flower caps.  So, cute!

I'm kind of in a wire wrapping mood right now, so I started messing with 24 gauge wire and just kept pushing beads on.  Love this combination... again, Czech glass coupled with fire polish.



I don't usually bead black... I'm more about c o l o r... as you know if you follow my posts, but for this friend, on this birthday of hers, well... I decided "it IS her birthday" afterall.  And, she LOVES black.  But, of course, I couldn't go totally black, so added in the copper and silver and man oh man.  I might be able to do black with this combo.  Beautiful pattern by Vezsuzsi, taught by Sandy at Bead Street.  The picture does not do the earrings justice - they are that wonderful puffed bead designed by SashaSi, which I posted in blue on March 17.  They really look awesome on. 




What color can do for a project... the proof becomes clear to me in this trio.  I started with the bracelet (I posted it a few weeks ago after taking the class from Sandy @ Bead Street, using a DRAGONFLY design by Eridhan Creations).  I then made the earrings because I just loved the design and the colors I had originally chosen, and then lo and behold, Sandy taught the Beaded Bead class and so this made the trio complete.  I finished it making a twisted tubular herringbone necklace, and then using 22 gauge copper wire to attach the beaded bead to the necklace.  Isn't this just lovely?  L O V E it!