I just celebrated my SIXTIETH... wow!  I'm not sure I was ready for that big number -- no, I can categorically admit, I WAS NOT ready.  But luckily, each day follows the next, so I am trying to just be grateful for all that I have, which includes my love for beading.  It truly keeps me sane some days.  And, in that vein, I have a new piece to show you!  My sister gave me a gorgeous pendant for my big day (both the top and bottom rotate with a stone on both sides), and I decided it needed an equally gorgeous necklace and earrings -- see my finished project below--I just happen to love lapis, and I already had all the beads I strung in my stash, which was an added bonus.  I don't know what the green stone is, so if anyone does, please let me know..  The combination of these two colors is so fall.  See what you think.



A new design for me... I wanted to start A DIFFERENT project, something I don't usually do, and the cooper center bead was calling to me from my stash of a billion beads, and so that's where I started.  I grabbed some 24 gauge wire and began to wrap..., starting with the 4mm fire polish and building out from there.  I finished by adding a little paint to the Aztec figure so it would stand out a bit.  I think the pendant design goes oh so mahvelously with the African beads in the necklace.  It's just such a fun piece - nothing incredible or time consuming... just fun.  That's what beading is all about for me and I truly needed to just escape into my land of fun.  Done!   I'm working on some earrings, which I'll post once done.



Happy New Year!  Wow, where does the time go?  What happened to 2016?  We're now to the 10th day of January in the new year 2017 and I'm realizing I haven't posted anything in quite awhile.  I hope to remedy that, starting now.  The weather has been assisting me, as it's been beautifully winter, but now kind of becoming a pain because it is difficult to get anywhere.  Lots of snow here in Boise thus far, and more snow and rain on the way.  My husband has done a lot of shoveling and he's growing weary of getting that "good exercise!"  But, back to my project -- here's my latest set created with lovely spring colors and bright, cheery dragonflies highlighted in a Golem pendant.  I was so happy with my choice of beads for the necklace, especially the daggers -- they just seem to set the stage for the dragonflies, and the earrings go oh so perfectly!  They are a design by Deb Roberti.  Luckily this wintry weather did help provide me some much needed indoor, "no need to be anywhere" time, because I really needed to finish this ensemble "almost" in time for a special birthday girl - Krissy!  I had told her it was going to be very late, but, you never can tell about beaders...when the moment strikes... I'm on it!