The new year brings lots of "necessary" creativity -- both for my own sanity and in preparation for many birthday celebrations.  So, right after Christmas I happily begin the process of designing or coordinating that perfect piece for each of my specials!!  Here's the first one of 2018, which began with a beautiful pendant from Claire Braunbarth @ Smitten Handmade.  Claire does gorgeous work, and I have several of her beautiful creations that I am hoarding!  Ha.  I created everything around this pendant, with stitching, wire working and some painting thrown in for a bit of extra color.  The necklace turned out so gorgeous... ooh la la... beautiful gem stone pieces to bring it all together. 

And last, but never least, some earrings to compliment the necklace.  A simple assembly of fun combinations, as not to fight with the beautiful necklace, which should command most the attention when being worn!  

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