Nothing too original or incredibly mind blowing here, but I've joined the leather craze and been trying my own scissor hand at cutting tear drops, rounds and straight lines!  Not as easy as I remember it, especially now that we can all zoom way in on any picture... so don't look too close at my cut marks.  I've added my own flair... course... and am trying really hard to just keep them light and airy instead of adding too many dangles.  That's the hard part, because if I add too much, they are no longer light as a feather!  I'm in a summer mindset of creating light, fun accessories, saving the longer-term more intense creating for fall and winter.  These fit the bill perfectly...and these are my first attempts, so stay tuned.  I think there may become many variations of this fun style for JDreams. 

I am also just starting to order from a couple leather vendors, so if you have any suggestions on good people to order from, please let me know.  There are a lot of awesome options out there that I didn't know even existed.

The leather portion of these earrings -- the teardrop -- measures 2"

                              These are smaller -- about 1 1/4" length



More creations of my hoop de hoop earrings that are just so much fun!  Any color combination works... truly... and the brighter the better in my mind!  Plus some simple, yet adorbs dyed magnesite butterflies at the bottom.  

I've been experimenting with different sizes of loops and different ideas at the top of the earrings to camouflage the wire connector -- using wire wraps with beads, plain silver or copper wire wrap coils and Czech or rubber rounds to do the trick. The lucite flower toppings add just the right color mix for a finishing touch.  And, using lucite keeps the weight light, with no drag on my earlobe.  

And, another pic, just to show off my new cards.  I'm so excited about these... they are a bit different, and I guess that's good because that means I'm growing a little, eh?  It's the little things... the back is lovely too... 



It's Spring, so how about a trio of colored loops?  These are fun to make... as long as I cut the wire segments long enough to work with... and remember to insert all seven wires through the crimp bead - the seventh being the wire saver used as a connector. Endless color combinations abound... 

And these adorbs multi colored shell pieces coupled with some half-moons I painted to give 'em a punch and large Czech drops.  Love the combo of these colors together.



This gorgeous wire wrapped earring design by Penny Dixon, who has been featured on the cover of beading magazines, and on the inside pages too many times to mention, is a wonderfully intricate and challenging designer and artist.  This particular design was featured back in August 2013 in Bead&Button.  I actually took the class from Penny way back when and I just struggled and couldn't get the hang of all the very delicate wire wrapping (4 rounds of 28 gauge wire) around the 20 gauge wire base, so the pattern has been in my "too challenging for me" box. However, I had always hoped I would try it again, as they are so delicate and intricate and beautiful.  And, I can happily say, I DONE DID IT!!!  I've learned a few things over my years of beading, and yes... practice practice practice, plus age, plus ability, plus patience... and if you look closely at this first completed pair you will see they are far from perfect... but I am truly proud of myself.  Give this a try.  You will love how light and gorgeous they are!  Thank you Penny for always challenging me!



I fell in absolute love with these beautiful light blue imp jasper square puff beads and knew I would have to make them my next priority project.  I immediately started to comb through my stash of favorite artist beads and pendants, to see what I could come up with that would be perfect.  Sometimes you just feel it when you see it!  And, yep, when I came upon this incredible copper heart/feather resin pendant from Gaea, it was too perfect, like it was made to go with these jasper beads. I added some 4mm pearls in between the puff beads and then some 8mm 2-tone pearls at the top to finish it off.  Also some beautifully translucent peanut beads around a jump ring in the front for a slight bit of sparkle.  It's truly a gorgeous combination in my world of creation.  The colors are so perfect for spring, and for me personally.  Thank you Gaea!  It's a SMILE piece.



I seem to be doing free form odds and ends of late.  Nothing planned or too extreme, just fun as they come to mind.  Looking through bead magazines and just starting to bead or stitch.  I tried to do a loom project, but since I don't own a loom, I tried both brick and square stitches, and had to abandon both midstream.  They were not working out like the loom picture!  Imagine!  So, I settled on doing odd count peyote and just went where it took me.  It's free form alright... but I love it!  Hard to get outside that "form" or "pattern" box for me, so always worth the time to just let 'er go where she will. 

This free form necklace matches the more patterned, yet still with a hint of free form, earrings from an earlier post, which were my own design.  The colors are so lovely...

Another raku medallion in patinaed copper free form wire wrapped glory.  Can't say enough about the beauty of the medallions.  The colors are ever changing, depending on the light, and the messages on the back of each one, wonderful as well.  "I am Courage" inscribed on the back and this beautiful winged heart fits it perfectly.  The siri silk ribbon also provides a nice balance to the size of the medallion.  It provides a bit of imperfect softness. (Reminder that I purchased the Raku medallions at my local Dragonfly store.  I am uncertain of the artist, but they do lovely work!)

A fun new style for me - 16 gauge wire hammered and then wrapped at the top and along the bottom with 18 gauge, leaving a few wraps loose to hang dangles from.  I also added dangles inbetween the loops to even it out.  Love the look of this and with the siri silk again - a black and blue gingham pattern gives it some whimsy.

Some earrings to match of course!



Oh, the colors of Easter and spring... pastels all around.  Such yummy eye candy delights.  I really enjoy making seasonal pieces - I get into the mood of the colors, the weather, the fun and thus motivation of it.  Sometimes I'm truly amazed at what I did a year ago, or a few years ago, as I'm constantly evolving -- changing my methods, my likes, and my abilities.  This wonderful bunny pendant is from Ashley at Summer Wind Art and it's so perfect for my Easter necklace this year!  He's been safely held captive in one of my "stash" drawers.  It was past time for him to emerge.  :)  I added some copper wire wrapping and some dangles in czech glass (flower cap) and swarovski crystals.  Perfect!  Then for the necklace I strung green square czech glass and square puff blue angelite (I believe... although the strand wasn't marked, so that's my guess!) with some czech rondelles and size 8 sb in-between.  

And now for some Easter ear candy...Nothing too hard or serious, just lots of fun and bright color.  And what's Easter without bunnies and carrots dangling from your ears?  


The Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic, and this darlin' friend of mine who kept encouraging me to start attending that celebration with our grandson, is the inspiration behind this wonderful creation.  Aimee has always loved the balloons, and she finally got me hooked.  So, a few years ago when I saw that Bo Hulley was making these incredible balloon pendants, I immediately knew I had to have one.  Bo is not making beads now, so this balloon took on a very "secure" life thereafter - mostly staying securely in my bead room :) Ha!    It has also taken me a few years to "feel the creativity" of properly accentuating the pendant with beads that make it stand out.  A light bulb went off while watching a Heather Powers Bead Table Wednesday video on how to make this wire component.  I really love the hammering of metal and the process of creating your own form.  No one makes one the same way, so "original" still applies to the finished product.  Happy Birthday Aimee!!!  I hope you enjoy it and feel the balloons soaring above every time you wear it.  

The earrings are the modified St. Petersburg stitch, and I originally posted a Halloween set on October 24.  I love that the earrings are light on the ear lobe and also the way they drape so nicely.