Best laid plans for showcasing this darling seahorse necklace ... reminder to self - proper lighting is so important for photographing any creation.  When done properly, it highlights the colors and beauty of any finished project.  On the other hand, if the light isn't great, the piece ends up looking to be less than it is.  Unfortunately, this post was not taken at an optimum time of day and the natural light was way too bright.  I can't retake the shots as the piece has gone to a new home, but luckily I was able to reshoot the earrings (last shot).  Love my paint choice on the little Vintaj moons and over the large Czech pear drops they really pop and mesh with the shell chip colors in the necklace.  And, about that necklace... even though the lighting isn't perfect, it is an adorable piece, so well worth showing.  It began with a J-Lynn burnished wood tile pendant.  These tiles from Janice are so light, they truly can make any piece weightless, making it easier to add adornments of different weights from there.  Seems like most of my pieces start out with a heavier centerpiece or pendant, which limits what I can add to it.  On this piece, I kept the whole necklace light by adding a dangle with a painted Vintaj leaf, some 3mm fire polish, and a Czech glass star and flower and "o" rings to finish it off.  Then some colored shell chips and jasper tubes to complete the necklace.   A very fun, colorful summer piece that rests easily on the neck...



A piece incorporating both Tracee Dock [Classic Bead] and Gaea Cannaday in this one wonderful necklace.  I have a stash of both artist's creations and I truly need to quit hoarding them.  So, I chose this incredible, and so unusual, stoneware blue/green/yellow sunflower button from my Tracee stash and started wire wrapping with 18 gauge copper wire I had patinaed.  While it took me a couple of different wraps and subsequent removals of all the wire (#$%^&) plus a few choice words along the way... the resulting necklace is pretty unique and wonderful.  I added one of Gaea's larger round beads in green, with a dangling copper heart, and some 3mm fire polish to both the chain and the dangle.  See what you think -- I think it's pretty fun!  

And, I added some darlin earrings to this set below. Before I finished them I found some small lapis hearts to add to the top.  Love this set -- and, it is now SOLD!



The creative juices are flowing from the end of a hammer...another hammered wire design, using a favorite "go to" artist's pendant, Staci Louise Originals.  There are some truly talented artisans whose work is incredible -- they never disappoint, and you will see their beads and pendants, etc. in my work over and over again.  And, as each artist's view is unique, it helps me change gears to incorporate their style and quality into my own creation.  This hammering art (thanks again, Heather Powers) could not have come into my consciousness at a better time, I tell ya!  Timing is everything and I am really enjoying it. I also incorporated a Golem yellow round in the bottom charm. 



Something cathartic about using a hammer and pounding on anything, but especially metal and watching it transform from it's original form!  Thanks to Heather Powers of Humblebeads, for her generous "Bead Table Wednesday" live podcasts, which truly inspire.  It looks easy when she does it, but I must confess this project was NOT!  I found hammering 14 or 16 gauge copper wire to a flattened state and then centering my hole punch as not to drill right through the whole end ($%^&*@#) a difficult task!  So, I came up with an alternative method to achieve a similar look.  I used 12 gauge floral wire (which looks to be copper but of course is more an artistic wire with a protective covering).  As I continued to hammer and flatten the wire, the coating started to peel, but I just kept going cuz I knew it would work!  Once I was sure I had punched an acceptable hole on both sides of the "U", and had it properly flattened, then I used some light sandpaper to knock off the loose pieces and got creative with my vintaj paints.  LOVE how this turned out.  I also used one of Heather's incredible polymer clay tubular beads and one of her birds.  Totally new style and look for me.  Thank you so much for inspiring me Heather!



I'm kind of hooked on this Tree of Life pattern... and since practice makes perfect on wire wrapping... I'm keeping this wrapping frenzy moving.  This version is slightly larger than my last post, and I used patinaed copper wire,which worked better than the artisan wire I had used last, for both strength and shape.  I also have trouble making the exact same pattern more than once, so I added a few leaves at the bottom.  FUN!  I have not yet come up with the necklace part, so it may end up on chain.  I don't want to distract too much from the beauty of the tree, so we shall see.

Also, in this post a color variation on the butterfly pattern.  Butterflies have such beautiful natural color combinations -- I figure I cannot go wrong with anything I might come up with.  And, ohhh, in person, love these sparklies!!  The center cabochon is such a wonderful match to this pattern - from ArtBeads , an 18x13 oval Paua if you are interested.  Lots of colors available, and they fit the butterfly pattern perfectly with the marbled shell look!!!