CHAINON Addiction and some added bling!

Hi, my name is Janet and I'm an Eileen Barker "Chainon" pattern addict! HA HA! True story!  It's an awfully fun stitch!  Here's another of my latest versions and really, my camera just doesn't seem to be picking up the beautiful beads to show how awesome the shades are together, but I guess this will have to do.  I added 8.0 sb in between the super duos for a slight alteration of the pattern, and added a 6mm bead inside the center bump to provide a little more stability for long-term wear.  The earrings were kind of an afterthought, but aren't they pretty with the bracelet?



I go through stages . . . I'm sure everyone does . . . when I like one stitch or method of making jewelry more than another.  Right now I'm on a peyote kick, and while it sometimes seems like a slow stitch, the results are always pretty fun and wonderful.  Peyote and herringbone are my two favorite stitches, but I do also really enjoy brick stitch, and crochet, and ... and ... and ... So, back to peyote - here are a couple of my latest projects.  The first one is bright and in primary 11/0 delicas, started with a Fusion Beads bracelet design, and about 1/4 of the way through I quit looking at their pattern and went with my own. I decided at some point to close it with an E-clasp, but a bit too late - I had already stitched most of one of the end pieces too wide, so had to tear that all out.  Live and learn... I was not even thinking of how I would finish the bracelet, so thought it would magically work out.  Alas, it did not... that's when you start cursing and then just start cutting!  

The second design is more muted spring colors of my own design using 11/0 delicas and 11/0 rounds.  It was fun inserting the slightly larger rounds with the delicas, which made it a less even design, and certainly fit with the free-form look I was going for.  I actually started the project with a bracelet in mind, but then decided I wasn't up to that long a project and that earrings would be better.  And, I haven't done fringe in awhile so thought that would be fun.  It was totally a free flowing project and I had no idea where it would end up. See what you think!