Just learned how to brick stitch around a component/link and I think this is my newest FAV!  So many possibilities - just like every design in beading.  I can always make it my own.  Sue Weber taught the class at Bead Street.  It was so fun.  Thanks Sue!  So, here they are - the colors are much more brilliant in person, but awesome colors for fall.  And, best of all, they are very light on my old earlobes!  



A dainty little bird necklace using a darlin' Humblebeads  bird pendant.  The chain was a Czechmates pattern, designed by Starman TrendSetter Lisa Jordan,  I ordered from Fusion Beads (called "Pinch of Elegance")  using, aptly enough, pinch beads, FP and 11.0 sb.  I altered the pattern slightly and then made into two separate necklace pieces and linked with some cool chain.  This was the  p e r f e c t  birthday gift for my friend Sherrie who loves browns!  Added some very small earrings in the same stitch as the chain.  


BLUES and other things...

I do love the color blue.  In fact, when asked, I've historically said blue is my favorite color.  But, I LOVE all colors!  But, back to B L U E!  Here are a few of my latest creations using ceramic creations from two wonderful artists.  A large owl pendant created by Gaea hanging from my latest twisted herringbone necklace.  Also some blue bird earrings using hearts created by Bo Hulley, which I messy wrapped in copper wire (thanks for that knowledge, Beth!).  And, last but not least, a darlin pair of budding flower earrings in what else?  Blues...



In my ongoing process of learning about metal and all those new jewelry creation horizons, I enjoyed another fun class with Beth at Bead Street.  Her Passion Flower design, her embossing machine and some 26g copper blanks (and several wire wrapped glass beads, leaves and flowers later) helped me make my leaf bracelet below.  I slightly altered my bracelet design (hard to imagine, I know!) because the original design had all the wrapped dangles on one side of the metal bar, which was beautiful, but on my wrist just wouldn't stay in place.  So, I went back and refined it for me ever so slightly by adjusting some of the dangles to the other side, so both were more weighted.  Now, it wears a little better for me.  I am also still messing with the metal colors... I can't seem to leave it alone, or to get it exactly where I want it, but this is the latest version.  More to probably come, as just this morning before I left for work, I was taking off old and adding new paint for a different look. See the last three pics below for newest coloration (more turquoise!)