Creating While Learning a New Stitch!

Learning something new is always a lovely choice... sometimes I get it soon after beginning the process, sometimes it takes a few projects to perfect it.  This new stitch "peyote with a twist, not crochet" is a load of fun.  It looks like crochet, but you don't have to string on all the beads ahead of time, which is awesome.  And, truly the designs are so endless.  I was focusing on stitching correctly - one stitch after another - and, imagine! this piece took on a life of its own... always such a surprise to me.  :)  As I was progressing, I looked through my stock of favorite bead artist pendants, and Gaea's feather jumped out at me, and the colors were so delicious with what I had already started, it joined the flow of it all.  My earrings were actually started before I finished the necklace.  Ooh la la... Fall here I come.  There's so much joy in these beads.

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