Ahhh ...  r - e - d.  Just made this heart last night and sold it this morning.  The two tones of red really do look lovely together with just enough of a contrast.  Outer rim is darker two-toned opaque fire polish - inside is brighter, shiny translucent fire polish.  Permanent light gold seed beads and gold chain and heart clasp compliment the red.



I'm absolutely in love with this pattern - probably because it's close to Valentine's Day and all.  I'm just having so much fun with all the different, some non-traditional, color combinations.  The heart measures  1" x 1 1/4" and sits beautifully around your neck.  A few of the options below are already gone, but more are coming or can be made (price varies depending on chain).  If you are interested in picking specific colors, or see one you like, email me at jdreamz4u@gmail.com .  

The seed beads in this turquoise version look redder in this picture.  They really are more towards the purple family and really stand out next to the greens.

These heart earrings were made as a set to go with the opal/white inside/darker red outside heart below.  This set is gone, but I have beads to make another or similar version.    




A fun design for your neck by Deborah Roberti.  Deborah is so generous and sends out free patterns now and again.   I thought I'd give this a try since I LOVE hearts!  Did I say I LOVE hearts?  I have already sold the pink/red/purple version - but I will have others if I can get time to complete them.   The white/opal is already spoken for as well, but the red/silver/black version is currently available.  I just finished that one, but any color combination can be made with this pattern.  If you have interest, let me know.



New Beaded Bracelet For Valentine's Day!

A new pattern by Starman Trendsetter Nicole Starman called "Rondell Revolution".  It's a wonderfully creative pattern, as all of Nicole's are, especially when you add all the required beads, as I did in my second version - the multi-green/cooper version below!   I made the red/silver bracelet in a test class at Bead Street, and rushed home to immediately try and make the pattern CORRECTLY.  Best part is how forgiving it is, so, like me, if you make a mistake all the way down one side, it still comes together beautifully.  Very very lucky for me!  Thanks Sandy Taylor for dealing with all of us "test beaders" during class...

This pattern uses CzechMate 2-hole lentils, 11.0 sb and CzechMate bricks, with 6mm fire polish.  I used the red/grey lentils and really love the look.  Also, Sandy made a bracelet with tiny drops in the center in lieu of an 11.0 sb and I liked the look, so have done that same thing.  Translucent red drops - which I also added to my button clasp closure to tie them in.

I love the colors in this bracelet - two different strands of green FP and copper 11.0 sbs, with two different colors of lentils and translucent green drops - it's subtle but gorgeous!


Showcasing an Agate

A lovely piece made with lots of birthday love for my work-sistah and dear friend Kriss - who I have mentioned in the past as one of my most avid supporters.  She both purchases my pieces and then markets them, simply by putting them on.  Thanks, Kriss.  Here's the first of her birthday gift set.  She actually purchased some beads on a trip to Seattle, and because I asked her to go into a shop (yes, a bead shop!) for me in Bothell, she came home with some loverlies in a sack and said something like, "when you get time . . .  no pressure, but maybe at some point. . . " I've been looking at this pendant and her little sack for several months now and then I decided for her birthday, I just needed to get 'er done!!!  She bought the piece of Agate, and it was already a good sized piece - so, I made it larger(!) by embellishing it with transparent purple and turquoise peanuts (Kriss's sack), 11.0 seed beads and added swarovski crystals,  also in a combination of purple and turquoise.  I used 2-hole czech tiles (Kriss's sack), interspersed with 11.0 seed beads, for the necklace.

A view of the three pieces - the earrings are so cute - a peanut beaded bead, using transparent peanuts (Kriss's sack!) and my stash of drops in two sizes with swarovski crystals for added pop.



Rizomizo Bracelet with Lentils

I finished another version of that fabulous pattern by Vezsuzsi (Rizomizo pattern).  I beaded five flowers, using the larger size light blue czech glass rondelles in four and a darker blue, navy really, for the middle flower.   I also used single hole CzechMates lentils instead of the smaller czech glass rondelles - it's an eye catcher!