A lovely afternoon of making beaded beads with pinch beads, 11.0 sb, Czechmates 2-hole lentils and Super Duos - all designed by Eileen @ Bead Street.  I love beaded beads!  They are just so versatile.  Thanks, Eileen, for sharing with us.  I had a great time!  New posts coming with projects using these beads.  A couple new earring projects below.  The first set hilights one of the new pinch beaded beads, the others use whatever was in my view... on my beading table and thereabouts! 

This darlin pair of earrings focuses on one of the new beaded bead patterns.  Love these multi-faceted pinch beads in orange/red/pink/yellow.  I also "just happened" to have the same multi-colored fire polish in my stash, and the darlin' copper hearts - p e r f e c t!

I needed a pair that included some turquoise to match a necklace I have, so paired chips with brass findings, instead of my usual copper.  And, because my hair is longer now, my earrings seem to be getting longer too. 
Ooooh, these are so lovely.  Brass findings again, with coral in two different tones, and the teardrops were in my stash, but I don't have a clue what stone they are.  It just all worked together.  Love this color!

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