I just finished a second bracelet using one of the designs in my last post (Deborah Roberti free pattern taught by Sandy Taylor) but with different beads.  In this version I used tilas, tiles, superduos and two hole lentels.  This is a really versatile pattern and this combo of colors turned out great.  Plus, it is a comfortable design to wear - BONUS!  I interspersed tiles to beef it up just a bit, along with the tilas and super duos.



Hot days of summer is an understatement... it's been unseasonably hot everywhere in the West, but here in Boise, ID, the week before the FOURTH we were into triple digit heat - 110 was our high one of the days and it hovered around that for several more.  The FOURTH cooled down slightly, which was VERY WELCOME - it was about 92, which was more livable.  This hot zaps my energy - so, of course I retreat to my beading table.  Unfortunately, under my lights, it even gets warm there, so my wonderful hubby lent me his small table-top Coleman fan from his camping stash... it is very wonderful for such a small contraption with only two blades, and it does the job!  So, here's what I've been working on since my last post, with my little fan a turnin as fast as it will go -- a little stringing, a little wire wrapping, a little painting to embellish the metal on the ring petals, and AGAIN, some stringing.  

 I used a pattern learned at Bead Street a couple years ago as my inspiration, but modified my version to only one round of 11s around each large 8mm crystal instead of two rounds of 11s around 3 mm. I love this pattern and love the pop of the red crystals with the two hues of blue and gold 11s.  I made the toggle clasp to match with even count peyote.


 Isn't this little ring a cutie?  Lucite rose with czech glass petals, 8's and then a metal flower, painted in several different hues to get to just the right match.

And yet another little ring.  Peyote stitch using 11s with flower and side hinge embellishments with 15s picot.   I started the ensemble with, yes, the ring, based on a pattern for a bracelet I saw at Fusion Beads on their Inspiration page.  I did my own thing from there.

 Necklace to match ring.  This is really so adorable with a dainty St. Petersburg stitched necklace.  The purple, green, yellow and a really bright orange center 3mm really pop for a summer combo.  I used 11s for the basic square, but stitched the flower in 8s so it would pop out.

                                                                                      The fringe dangles show better in this shot!

 Yet another pattern just learned at Bead Street, using a free online pattern by Deborah Roberti.  Thanks Sandy Taylor for "learnin" us.  You are a wonderful teacher, fellow beader and friend!  It was a wonderful afternoonThis is not the bracelet I made that afternoon.  I didn't like my colors or my design, so went home and cut that one up and started over.  Love these daisy czech glass two-holes I have in my stash.  Wish I could remember where the heck I bought these.  Plus two-hole lentels, 11s in two colors, yellow and gold....