PINCH BEADED BEADS in a completed set and O RINGS bracelet pattern.

Finished my necklace and earrings, from my previous post of the pinch beaded beads I learned at Bead Street week or so ago.  I added a few more beaded beads, some Czech glass pearls and some new Czech shapes, and Ohhhh My, the finish on these brand new Czech glass beads is absolutely incredible.  If I could afford all of the strings Eileen had, I would have purchased them!!!  It's fun to have a new grouping of shapes.  This necklace is really a beautiful piece, w/earrings to match.  Yummers is all I can say on the meshing of the hues in varying shades of blue/grey/green/copper/gold and bronze.

NOW FOR THE NEW DESIGN using the new Czech "O" Rings.  A bracelet designed by Marcia Balonis, taught at Bead Street by Sandy Taylor.  A different grouping of colors for me in that I really started out wanting to make something that would go with black.  I started with the 4mm dark grey fire polish, had additional 3mm black fp on my beading pad, but then couldn't go through with it.  I needed something to make the copper/silver/grey pop, so used more of a mustard 3mm.  This is really fun - colors in person are really more unusual and blended than it shows here.

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