Happy Pre-Easter Weekend! My beading continues to be a bit sporadic in 2017, hence the distance between posts.  I'm working on it... but it's slow, so I'll just say I've been out of sync... I do hope for the days to return where I bounce out of bed with a new design or color combo in mind, or the happy anticipation of spending time at my beading table, to finish a project I have in process.  The "feelin' it" part of my creative soul is a little lacking... I'm working on that and these beautiful bright colors sure help.  Yes, the reawakening of color in spring inspires - Yeah for that!  So, without further delay, here are a few projects I haven't yet posted -- a couple pairs of Easter earrings just completed in time for wearing; a peyote pair that go with a bracelet from a previous post; a bracelet in metallic tones; and, a new FAVORITE piece of mine - a Budderbye, as our now 7 year old grandson used to refer to butterflies.  I will forever call them that... with love in my heart and remembrance of that first time I heard our adorable boy say ''BUDDERBYE".  It always makes me smile.

And... drum roll... here's that BUDDERBYE I referred to ... a pattern design by Margherita Fusco [April 2017, Bead and Button].  This color combo is incredible in the sunlight.

And, a bracelet in copper tones, which really doesn't photo very well.  It's much prettier in person.  Design called Denali Cuff designed by Carole Ohl.

These darlin primary color dangle peyote earrings were made to be worn as a compliment to the peyote bracelet in my March 6, 2017 post.