This is a piece meant to be worn by that special person - fit to wear when all dressed up, or in levis and boots!  It always takes me awhile to get all the pieces and parts of any project assembly out on my table in view so I can complete my visualization... sometimes several different combinations of pieces and parts - and, this piece was no exception - although, once I had that "aha" moment, I was so pleased with my JDreams Design.  Plus, this piece was designed with a very wonderful BFF in mind, so I let my Lu Lu vibes fill my heart, and that was that! 


The beaded bead design from Vezsuzsi (shown in a previous post) lent itself well to my overall design!  The initial beaded bead colors I owe to Irene at Bead Street, as I probably would not have put this combo of colors together on the first bead (lowest on the necklace).  Once I had that bead complete, I reversed the colors somewhat on the next version - the one on top w/more turquoise colored seed beads.  It's just a rich looking piece I think...



Finished earrings to match the bracelet in my previous post showing the Dragonfly design by Eridhan Creations.  Aren't the colors in these just really, come on... too yummy?  Ha ha.  I also really like the 10MM swarovski crystal I added as a dangle.  Love how the crystal catches the light.  Looks so nice with the copper wire.

AND, some cuties SOLD already.  These are easy to wear and fun to boot!  Magnesite turtles, jasper moons and turquoise chips with antique brass wire. 



Going through my stash, found this incredible shade of coral just waiting for me to notice them again, and then the Czech rough cut turquoise beads purchased recently.  I decided to join 'em as it were and really like the combo with the brass chain and the focal amazonite "J" or good luck rabbit's foot.  I've had the amazonite for awhile now... never knew what I would do with it, but knew I'd find something, so... tried it while stringing the turquoise and coral and decided it could work.  Added some dangles to give it a bit more oomph...

The beaded bead (Tila 3-D Beaded Bead)  in both these earrings is a pattern designed by Kim Spencer for CisrayDesigns, taught by Sandy and Eileen at Bead Street .  I say Sandy and Eileen because it was a joint effort.  This particular pattern was difficult for any of us to follow and Sandy and Eileen put it all into perspective for us.  There were two beaded beads and these earrings show the first bead.  It became easier after we learned a few quick tricks.  The other one... well... I made one, and have not ventured to make another just yet.  I'll post once I do, as it is equally as fun and much more of the 3-D!

These turned out particularly gorgeous...



If you love fall colors, you'll love the combo I chose for this "Dragonfly" pattern taught by Sandy Taylor @ Bead Street designed by Eridhan Creations.  You've heard it before, but I LOVE THIS ONE! The colors speak to me L O U D L Y (imagine!) with oranges, rusts, metallic, purples and greens.  This is a time consuming project, but well worth it.  By the time I finished it I don't think I could have passed through any of the beads one more time -- they were FULL of 6 wt fireline!  I also bought one of the new fold over magnet clasps from Eileen and really LOVE it.  It attaches easily and seems to really hold.  I don't normally like magnets, as I've lost several anklets going through magnetized doors, but this is protected by the outer shell.



It's September, and the start of the season of making gifts for friends and family, plus getting ready for the Hollydaze... well, hold on, not quite ready to start looking at only red and green quite yet!  Ha.  But, the beginning of cooler weather and fall very close by, gives me a different perspective for sure on what I choose to make and what colors I choose to coordinate.  Tis the season of wonderful fall leaves and earthy tones!  It's really my favorite time of year - must be because I'm a Libra!  So, here's one of my latest creations for a dear dear friend.  Hope you love and will wear this ensemble with joy, Ms. Sherrie!  Hope the earrings are light enough for your ears too.  This was adapted from Marcia Balonis' Spring Loaded design.



Here's the completed project from a couple posts ago.  I had many different ideas flowing through my dreams. (yes I dream beads!) as to the finished look of the necklace for this fun pendant, and this was not one of them... it just kind of came together, and I think it's perfect!  I had originally imagined a peyote or herringbone twisted tube, but the two tones of these awesome round, rough finished Czech beads with 8/0 in-between, and the leaves and flower, just fell onto the wire for me instead.  

Plus, earrings to go with.  This is the front side and the next picture is the front and back side.  A little peyote is a wonderful thing!




A wonderful new design--you can make one segment of the pattern for a ring--make several for a bracelet--a few for a necklace, or double up and make a complete beaded bead!  This is a versatile, fun design.  It's called "Cortez", designed by Vezsuzsi, taught by Sandy Taylor at Bead Street.  I stitched a ring using only one segment of the pattern and I think it's pretty gorgeous.  Sizing the ring to fit is the hard part.  I thought I was making it for my ring finger, but it ended up fitting my pinky.  Looks great there too... but this sizing thing... it ain't that easy!  The pattern uses Rullas (altho I've also used bricks and they work well), 8mm FP, 3mm FP and 11/0 and 15/0 sb. 

This is the backside of the ring strap.  I used RAW to stitch the two sides together and that worked pretty darn well.

Another new ring of my own JDreams design.  Used 8/0 sb in even peyote stitch and then used a block stitch, kind of, on the outer rim to cover all the thread on the sides (8/0 and 15/0 in different colors).  Added my own embellishment of two Czech glass leaves, o rings, and an 8 mm FP.  These colors are so great for fall.  And peyote just feels good on the finger!

And, here's a quick shot of a pair of earrings I stitched using the new design from Vezsuzsi.  More to come, including the necklace that goes with it . . . but, are these gorgeous or what?