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J Dreams
Original jewelry, one piece of "my kind" at a time . . .
by Janet Carter
I love the way this bracelet turned out and this picture doesn't really do it justice!  It's one of my new favorites.  A peanut bead flower centerpiece, with beaded popcorn beads designed by Kassie Inman, using different purple/green combos.

The button was the catalyst for this necklace - purchased at my favorite beadshop - Bead Street here in Boise (www.beadstreetonline.com) and it was one of my first attempts to encase with RAW and peyote stitch. I made different sized peyote connectors to pull the necklace together.  The colors really worked beautifully.

Love the clay pendant designed by Tracee Dock at The Classic Bead.  She does really excellent quality clay creations!   I followed the colors in the pendant for the necklace embellishments.  The chain is Russian lace pattern.

A necklace of sea glass.  It's beautiful, but really heavy to wear.  I saw the design in the July 2012 BeadStyle magazine and of course the colors called my name.  I used slightly different coloration from the magazine, but it came together beautifully.

A customer at my hair salon, Moira, had the earrings and asked my incredible stylist, Jenny, if I could make a necklace and bracelet to make a set.  I gave it a go -- looks like it was all purchased together, don't you think?  Czech glass and silver with crystals to match the opal strip in the earrings.

This is just a small section of my summer garden party bracelet.  It was done on peyote base and then I just started embellishing with flowers and leaves.  It was beautiful!  I sold one very similar to one of my dear friends - these are time consuming pieces and become part of my soul...and they just feel good!

This is a RAW design with embellished crystals, taught at Bead Street.  I actually used two colors of duo beads -- the teal you can see and the purple that you can't.  I loved the result and the button closure is fun.


Aimee Stephenson said...

So very cool! Nice job on the blog. As far as your pieces, they are amazing. You are so creative and talented Janet! I love all of the pieces above. The one that looks like candy corn is great! I don't think I have seen that one.

Keri Nelson said...

Awesome! I can't believe you finally did it! Well I can! I'm so impressed.... and having some of your jeweley pieces already, I know each piece is a one of a kind...and very special! You go girl! I love the blog, the jewelry showcase so far...I know you have more!

TCarter said...

Your work is just amazing! You have such a talent for combining colors and patters in a unique and interesting way! I absolutely LOVE your pieces!