I fell in absolute love with these beautiful light blue imp jasper square puff beads and knew I would have to make them my next priority project.  I immediately started to comb through my stash of favorite artist beads and pendants, to see what I could come up with that would be perfect.  Sometimes you just feel it when you see it!  And, yep, when I came upon this incredible copper heart/feather resin pendant from Gaea, it was too perfect, like it was made to go with these jasper beads. I added some 4mm pearls in between the puff beads and then some 8mm 2-tone pearls at the top to finish it off.  Also some beautifully translucent peanut beads around a jump ring in the front for a slight bit of sparkle.  It's truly a gorgeous combination in my world of creation.  The colors are so perfect for spring, and for me personally.  Thank you Gaea!  It's a SMILE piece.



I seem to be doing free form odds and ends of late.  Nothing planned or too extreme, just fun as they come to mind.  Looking through bead magazines and just starting to bead or stitch.  I tried to do a loom project, but since I don't own a loom, I tried both brick and square stitches, and had to abandon both midstream.  They were not working out like the loom picture!  Imagine!  So, I settled on doing odd count peyote and just went where it took me.  It's free form alright... but I love it!  Hard to get outside that "form" or "pattern" box for me, so always worth the time to just let 'er go where she will. 

This free form necklace matches the more patterned, yet still with a hint of free form, earrings from an earlier post, which were my own design.  The colors are so lovely...

Another raku medallion in patinaed copper free form wire wrapped glory.  Can't say enough about the beauty of the medallions.  The colors are ever changing, depending on the light, and the messages on the back of each one, wonderful as well.  "I am Courage" inscribed on the back and this beautiful winged heart fits it perfectly.  The siri silk ribbon also provides a nice balance to the size of the medallion.  It provides a bit of imperfect softness. (Reminder that I purchased the Raku medallions at my local Dragonfly store.  I am uncertain of the artist, but they do lovely work!)

A fun new style for me - 16 gauge wire hammered and then wrapped at the top and along the bottom with 18 gauge, leaving a few wraps loose to hang dangles from.  I also added dangles inbetween the loops to even it out.  Love the look of this and with the siri silk again - a black and blue gingham pattern gives it some whimsy.

Some earrings to match of course!