I combined two special pieces (a necklace and a bracelet) to make this wonderful necklace highlighting my three darlin grandkids.  My MT daughter (in law) had given me a silver spoon/nest necklace with cultured pearls in the middle, and just this year for Mother's Day gave me an adjustable silver bracelet with the three grandchildren's names/birthstone charms, along with a tree of life charm.  Because both pieces held personal significance, I immediately thought about a combined piece, incorporating some copper and making it my own.  So, I set to work, remaking the wire nest in the middle of the spoons in copper, painting the silver tree of life charm, and hanging the individual kids' charms from that.  I also added a couple of different chains including some patinaed copper.  Love the feel of this consolidated piece... and feel our little peeps are with me whenever I wear it.



Love everything about this finished piece - truly!  Love the fun of making it by assembling from different creative inspirations.  The lovely therapeutic hammering of wire  (yes, again and still...) from Heather Powers and the coloring / painting prowess (one of her many talents)  of a metal piece, in this case Vintaj, by Beth Routhier.  We started out using colored pencils... yes, exactly!  So fun - and the blending was so awesome.  Unfortunately for me, as I was a newbie at this coloring on metal, I spent much time getting it just so right and then rubbed too hard for the next step and a lot came off, so it was back to square one.  Learning these lessons... an ongoing thing for me.  But oh so much fun.  I did end up adding some Vintaj paint at the end to try and make it pop, which I think I accomplished, and I wrapped some 16 gauge wire around the hammered 12 gauge for fun.  I love it and think that's my signature for hammered pieces going forward.  It just softens it slightly and provides bit more interest to my eye. Also added a few dangles and loosely wrapped the larger blue/green leaf, which is something new for me and something I'll be doing a lot more of.  Isn't it pretty?  And, then too, some fire polish dangles on the chain to pull it all together.  Love it.  Oh, did I say that already?  Thank you to Heather and Beth for providing me the inspirational tools for this creation.

 Some darlin, simple little earrings added as the last pic to wear with...