Nothing too original or incredibly mind blowing here, but I've joined the leather craze and been trying my own scissor hand at cutting tear drops, rounds and straight lines!  Not as easy as I remember it, especially now that we can all zoom way in on any picture... so don't look too close at my cut marks.  I've added my own flair... course... and am trying really hard to just keep them light and airy instead of adding too many dangles.  That's the hard part, because if I add too much, they are no longer light as a feather!  I'm in a summer mindset of creating light, fun accessories, saving the longer-term more intense creating for fall and winter.  These fit the bill perfectly...and these are my first attempts, so stay tuned.  I think there may become many variations of this fun style for JDreams. 

I am also just starting to order from a couple leather vendors, so if you have any suggestions on good people to order from, please let me know.  There are a lot of awesome options out there that I didn't know even existed.

The leather portion of these earrings -- the teardrop -- measures 2"

                              These are smaller -- about 1 1/4" length



More creations of my hoop de hoop earrings that are just so much fun!  Any color combination works... truly... and the brighter the better in my mind!  Plus some simple, yet adorbs dyed magnesite butterflies at the bottom.  

I've been experimenting with different sizes of loops and different ideas at the top of the earrings to camouflage the wire connector -- using wire wraps with beads, plain silver or copper wire wrap coils and Czech or rubber rounds to do the trick. The lucite flower toppings add just the right color mix for a finishing touch.  And, using lucite keeps the weight light, with no drag on my earlobe.  

And, another pic, just to show off my new cards.  I'm so excited about these... they are a bit different, and I guess that's good because that means I'm growing a little, eh?  It's the little things... the back is lovely too...