What a great place to be -- home -- and with the ones I love! A new set, inspired by this adorable wood pendant from Ashley at Summer Wind Art.  Because it started out so light weight, it gave me an opportunity to add some heavier options - I wrapped some 20 gauge wire and made a little heart connector, and then hung my own little peyote stitched howlite butterfly.  A little added detail that really brings the eye to the piece I think.  I strung some wood oblongs that I've had in my stash for awhile evidently, because I cannot reorder them from Fusion !!! (what's up with that?) and interspersed some wood saucers and metal melon beads with a new czech glass flower and some fire polish on the other side.  I am aware that I need to design more light weight around my neck, so my back doesn't speak to me at the end of the day -- this turned out perfect in that regard.  And, the earrings are a nice compliment.  I wanted to have the look of flowers, and it does kind of look like that, but it definitely took on it's own vibe!!   I don't do many projects in white (or black!) but this ended up with plenty of color. Love the set. 



Following the theme of an earlier post in June, here are some additional earrings in brick stitch.  I'm trying all different colors together now to see what unusual combos I can come up with.  This stitch lends itself to this style so beautifully, and it's not a long-term project that takes me days.  I need a few of those right now as I really just want to spend time outside sitting in our garden, smelling all the wonderful aromas of flowers and veggies, and watching the butterflies and bees.  Here are a few additional colors/lengths/designs -- all fun and catchy in their own way.