Oh, the colors of Easter and spring... pastels all around.  Such yummy eye candy delights.  I really enjoy making seasonal pieces - I get into the mood of the colors, the weather, the fun and thus motivation of it.  Sometimes I'm truly amazed at what I did a year ago, or a few years ago, as I'm constantly evolving -- changing my methods, my likes, and my abilities.  This wonderful bunny pendant is from Ashley at Summer Wind Art and it's so perfect for my Easter necklace this year!  He's been safely held captive in one of my "stash" drawers.  It was past time for him to emerge.  :)  I added some copper wire wrapping and some dangles in czech glass (flower cap) and swarovski crystals.  Perfect!  Then for the necklace I strung green square czech glass and square puff blue angelite (I believe... although the strand wasn't marked, so that's my guess!) with some czech rondelles and size 8 sb in-between.  

And now for some Easter ear candy...Nothing too hard or serious, just lots of fun and bright color.  And what's Easter without bunnies and carrots dangling from your ears?  


The Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic, and this darlin' friend of mine who kept encouraging me to start attending that celebration with our grandson, is the inspiration behind this wonderful creation.  Aimee has always loved the balloons, and she finally got me hooked.  So, a few years ago when I saw that Bo Hulley was making these incredible balloon pendants, I immediately knew I had to have one.  Bo is not making beads now, so this balloon took on a very "secure" life thereafter - mostly staying securely in my bead room :) Ha!    It has also taken me a few years to "feel the creativity" of properly accentuating the pendant with beads that make it stand out.  A light bulb went off while watching a Heather Powers Bead Table Wednesday video on how to make this wire component.  I really love the hammering of metal and the process of creating your own form.  No one makes one the same way, so "original" still applies to the finished product.  Happy Birthday Aimee!!!  I hope you enjoy it and feel the balloons soaring above every time you wear it.  

The earrings are the modified St. Petersburg stitch, and I originally posted a Halloween set on October 24.  I love that the earrings are light on the ear lobe and also the way they drape so nicely.  



A wonderful advantage to beading and creating jewelry --  of all shapes, sizes, colors, and methods -- is that I get to be my own guinea pig and wear and appreciate my own "blood, sweat and tears."  :)  These earring designs are fab - the first a combination pattern from several seen on Pinterest, but w/my own adjustments and unique color combination (of course)!  I don't usually use silver or stainless, because I just prefer the warmth of copper or bronze, so this was a very fun change and they came together beautifully -- and they're quite large -- which makes them perfect for long hair.  

And so the stitching continues... including wonderful time with my beading friends who help keep me motivated, and who freely share their ideas, designs and colors with me.  We are all so different, yet we share a mutual love for this creativity thing... it is a P R I C E L E S S bond and always wonderful, healing time.  

And, the lovelies below, from a Fusion Beads Inspiration Project.  I purchased some of the materials for these, but slightly varied the bicones, and added a fire polish instead of another component at the bottom.  It was a bit more challenging than I thought it was going to be.  And, inserting the stones after wire wrapping the frames almost didn't happen.  Bit of frustration for me trying to get the stones to stay in so I could bend the four little prongs in.  Oh my, but so well worth every moment.  The colors are absolutely scrumptious on these - they SCREAM SPRING as you can see when the sunlight hits.  

The pic below shows my wire wrapped earring wires a little better.  Love incorporating beads to my wires.  It brings everything together for a coordinated design.



I found these wonderfully designed wood rounds somewhere... can't even remember where, but I was trying to come up with a new idea for earrings, and these popped out at me from my rather large stash oh beads and stuff!  I wondered what I could do to jazz them up a bit, and brick stitch came to mind.   These are not for the faint of heart as they are a statement in size alone, but so light you don't even know you are wearing them.  I knew someone special who could carry these off... and by golly, she sure does!  

The first pic is a bit dark, but it highlights how the blue/green transparent 8.0 seed beads at the top pop in the light.  I also added some Vintaj paint to a few of the spokes for additional interest and to draw your eye to the wonderful design.  Love how these turned out!