My new love of brick stitching around a component has me entrenched!   Here are my latest earring designs. I love the creativity in color and design this provides me.  On the first version I added five different colors of lentils near the bottom, and offset my rounds using 8/0 sb, along with the hex and 11/0 sb.  On the second version I used an 11/0 mix of colors, a pinkish 11/0, the 11 hex and 4mm fire polish, and didn't do a dangle, but simply wire wrapped a metal flower.  These are light and truly lovely!



Sometimes, the moon aligns, the stars shine bright and my artistic abilities kind of go to a higher level (in my own world of colors and beads, that is).  This set is one of those.  I started with the beaded beads (designs from Vezsuzsi in classes taught by Sandy Taylor at Bead Street  using the new crescent 2-hole beads), and as I placed each one with other beautiful beads, and then added the incredible ceramic heart made by Bo Hulley, it just felt like it was melding beautifully.  The heart pendant is truly gorgeous in person, and who doesn't love hearts?  I sure do.  The pictures I took really do not even come close to showing how incredible the color mix is together, but alas, guess the stars weren't aligned for the photos!  Ha ha.