As fall waits right around the corner, I am beginning to feel the transition coming.  That crispness in the air... the end of the garden, the slow change of color in the leaves.  SO, I need to get moving on lots of fall projects.  This piece started with the colorful cellini spiral stitch using 11.0, 8.0 and 6.0 seed beads.  It's so fun and a nice change, but takes time, so I did a small piece and knew it would be the first piece of my next puzzle. I started looking through my stash to find all the next pieces to add and there it was... this wonderful owl pendant by Nicole St. Laurent.  ( I do so love owls).  I wire wrapped some 18 gauge copper wire around the cellini piece to incorporate the pendant and then found these wonderful ceramic beads by Gaea (notice the star in Gaea's blue bead - so perfect!) and wire wrapped those inbetween the silk ribbon and chain.  My first version of this necklace did not have all the wonderful added color of the siri silk ribbon and yarn from Lashell Lundskow-Wyskochil, but I just felt it needed to be bold, so started playing.  The first version is at the very bottom of this post, around my neck -- see what you think!  I also added Nicole's intricate owl charms for my earrings.  It's a perfect set!!

Below is the first version of the necklace with the earrings before I added all the additional ribbon and color for some real POP!