This is a piece meant to be worn by that special person - fit to wear when all dressed up, or in levis and boots!  It always takes me awhile to get all the pieces and parts of any project assembly out on my table in view so I can complete my visualization... sometimes several different combinations of pieces and parts - and, this piece was no exception - although, once I had that "aha" moment, I was so pleased with my JDreams Design.  Plus, this piece was designed with a very wonderful BFF in mind, so I let my Lu Lu vibes fill my heart, and that was that! 


The beaded bead design from Vezsuzsi (shown in a previous post) lent itself well to my overall design!  The initial beaded bead colors I owe to Irene at Bead Street, as I probably would not have put this combo of colors together on the first bead (lowest on the necklace).  Once I had that bead complete, I reversed the colors somewhat on the next version - the one on top w/more turquoise colored seed beads.  It's just a rich looking piece I think...

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