If you love fall colors, you'll love the combo I chose for this "Dragonfly" pattern taught by Sandy Taylor @ Bead Street designed by Eridhan Creations.  You've heard it before, but I LOVE THIS ONE! The colors speak to me L O U D L Y (imagine!) with oranges, rusts, metallic, purples and greens.  This is a time consuming project, but well worth it.  By the time I finished it I don't think I could have passed through any of the beads one more time -- they were FULL of 6 wt fireline!  I also bought one of the new fold over magnet clasps from Eileen and really LOVE it.  It attaches easily and seems to really hold.  I don't normally like magnets, as I've lost several anklets going through magnetized doors, but this is protected by the outer shell.

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