A wonderful pattern designed by Adele Kimpell, Bead Dreamers, (tweaked and embellished slightly) which I learned in a class taught by Sandy Taylor at Bead Street.  This is my second [completed] bracelet using 8sb's (reddish/rust color) for the tubular Herringbone base, with three different colored lentels (dark green, translucent/opaque yellow and the gorgeous orange with gold flecks, my favorite).  I added some copper 11s down the middle of the base as a finishing touch.

Another front view - this shows the translucent side of the yellow lentels.

Back view-- I did not add the copper 11 embellishment to this side.  It is more comfortable to wear without the added beads next to the skin.  Also, you can see the other side of the yellows - the opaque coating.

Here's the first bracelet I completed - I say that because the original pattern used 11's for the Herringbone tube base, but my eyes have not been cooperating and I just couldn't see the beads to get it started - four beads for a tube was challenging for me!  So, that one sits on my beading table. I will finish it, but  for right now, the bigger seed beads are fun - I like the flash of color on my wrist. Doesn't this color combo remind you of cornucopia? 



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Katherine at Terra Beadworks said...

These are beautiful! I love the colors and use of lentils. I know what you mean when you say 11/0's are challenging to use. I have built up a big supply of 8/0 beads just because I like the size. I suppose it is something that happens to our eyes when we get more "mature"! :)