EASY NECKLACE/EARRING PAIRing (wire wrapping and jump ringin') FOR FALL

I love September because that means Fall is basically here and it's almost HALLOWEEN.  I think Fall is my favorite time of year as the nights get cooler - whew is that a nice change here in Boise!  Unfortunately, that means the days get shorter too - but I have good lighting at my beading table, so decided I'd get to work on something light and fun for this new Season!  Ahhh big seed beads, and wood ones at that.  Like it!  I started with the spider - "He" screams Fall and Halloween.  I'm afraid of real spiders, but  of course, glass I can handle!  I loved him the minute I saw him - small crystals adorn his body so he sparkles.  oooooh, scarey!   I attached him to jump ring chain filled with green wood 6mm sbs, then added a few orange, purple, and yellows to spruce it up.  A fun, quick project and with one quick snap of the magnet, off I go...


  And, last but not least, I had these tagua nut rondelles in mutli colors, so on to the jump rings they went.  These are all light on the ears, which make them very wearable... and oh, so fun.


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