Spriral Herringbone in all Fall's Colors!

I think this Fall mix of rustic 8sb is so yummy and versatile.  This tube has been sitting in my stash of 8s and I've used a little of it here and there, but never all in one piece.  I think it's a statement in itself.  As I near the end of this type of project, I ponder how best to finish it so it looks professional.  This necklace gave me some pause, and some more pause, and then some more.  I wanted the end to look as pretty as the beginning and the middle.  So, it sat on my beading table for many many days... sometimes it's a little intimidating, so I move on to something else and let it sit.  But, once it came to me, it became fun. I stitched three loops of about 24 11s, then added a couple jump rings to those loops.  Then I started embellishing from the end of the Herringbone over those beaded loops (circular peyote stitch) and the jump rings to the start of the chain.  I used 8s, 11s and Miyuki drops and then a few 15s interspersed to include a little red in what became a beaded bead and voila... all of the worker beads were hidden!  I am happy with the result, especially since I had no idea how it would turn out :) 

I added one of my crystal heart pendants via large jump rings to the necklace so I can take it on and off easily.  Ooh la la.  It's nice. 
 And, here are the earrings from my last post, that make this a nice set!  The bronze metal is a nice warm meshing with the Fall colors of the beads.

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