Don't these colors make a beautiful combination?  Oh, LOVE these.  I started adding a little more embellishment with 15's and an 11 around the edges.  I like the finished look of it all.  Plus on this version, I used hex 11's.  The hex beads don't always lay the way I want them to, but on this pair, they did.  Unfortunately, I had to rip out one pair because I didn't like the look!  

                     And purple... oh, love the different shades on this pair...so purteeeee!

And this combo... well... you can tell, I like THEM ALL!  How many earrings can one person wear at a time? Hmmmmmm,  well, I can change them hourly, how's that?  ☺☺ Or, maybe some people will receive little pkgs in the mail... 

Now, let's review...

Oh, yes and I must squeeze in this darlin pic of my grandsons as a quick diversion.  They are just such a joy to me and grandpa!  :)  They are full of life and light and all things sweet and wonderful.  And grandpa Noah and I love them sooooo much.  Okay, now back to beading... :)

A lovely set for a special friend of mine's birthday.  The Mother of Pearl is really one of my favorites and it really worked with these copper colored fire polish, plus I had this darling little concave shaped stone heart to add on.  Me n' hearts ♥♠♥
 Here's the bracelet to match - started with a pattern learned at Bead Street awhile ago, and then embellished with 15's, 11's and 3 mm FP.  Plus the button is ta copper Tree of Life.  Love this bracelet.  It almost didn't make it in the birthday box!  :)



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Purple is ... WOW! Super