I'm kind of hooked on this Tree of Life pattern... and since practice makes perfect on wire wrapping... I'm keeping this wrapping frenzy moving.  This version is slightly larger than my last post, and I used patinaed copper wire,which worked better than the artisan wire I had used last, for both strength and shape.  I also have trouble making the exact same pattern more than once, so I added a few leaves at the bottom.  FUN!  I have not yet come up with the necklace part, so it may end up on chain.  I don't want to distract too much from the beauty of the tree, so we shall see.

Also, in this post a color variation on the butterfly pattern.  Butterflies have such beautiful natural color combinations -- I figure I cannot go wrong with anything I might come up with.  And, ohhh, in person, love these sparklies!!  The center cabochon is such a wonderful match to this pattern - from ArtBeads , an 18x13 oval Paua if you are interested.  Lots of colors available, and they fit the butterfly pattern perfectly with the marbled shell look!!!

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