I've been looking at this Inspiration project on Fusion Beads' site for awhile - I even printed it off a few times, thinking I would get to it, but didn't, until finally...over a few evenings last week and a bit over the mother's day weekend, found myself with some extra luxury time... so decided to start cutting pieces of wire to see if I couldn't get my own "Tree of Life" pendant put together.  It's a project that's difficult to put down once you start, as there are multiple wires sticking up in a small space ready to be individually wound.  But, I can honestly say I LOVED THIS PROJECT.  It is creative and challenging.  [As an aside, I made my own wire frame on this version, which created a few challenges along the way - I used 20 gauge wire (hindsight says 16 or 18 would have been better).  Sturdiness did become a small issue as I got further along in the wrapping process, as it kept changing shape, even though I had hammered for strength - note to self for next one.] Once I got the trunk wires all wound and was happy with the way it looked, it was just a matter of placing the fire polish bead branches and continuing to wrap.  What about that "fly" you say?  Well... Funny story!  As I was taking the photos, I didn't notice a fly had come to perch right on one of the branches of the Tree - see if you can spot him in one of the shots below.  So so F U N N Y what you can't see right in front of you until it is enlarged!  :)

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