Best laid plans for showcasing this darling seahorse necklace ... reminder to self - proper lighting is so important for photographing any creation.  When done properly, it highlights the colors and beauty of any finished project.  On the other hand, if the light isn't great, the piece ends up looking to be less than it is.  Unfortunately, this post was not taken at an optimum time of day and the natural light was way too bright.  I can't retake the shots as the piece has gone to a new home, but luckily I was able to reshoot the earrings (last shot).  Love my paint choice on the little Vintaj moons and over the large Czech pear drops they really pop and mesh with the shell chip colors in the necklace.  And, about that necklace... even though the lighting isn't perfect, it is an adorable piece, so well worth showing.  It began with a J-Lynn burnished wood tile pendant.  These tiles from Janice are so light, they truly can make any piece weightless, making it easier to add adornments of different weights from there.  Seems like most of my pieces start out with a heavier centerpiece or pendant, which limits what I can add to it.  On this piece, I kept the whole necklace light by adding a dangle with a painted Vintaj leaf, some 3mm fire polish, and a Czech glass star and flower and "o" rings to finish it off.  Then some colored shell chips and jasper tubes to complete the necklace.   A very fun, colorful summer piece that rests easily on the neck...

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