Something cathartic about using a hammer and pounding on anything, but especially metal and watching it transform from it's original form!  Thanks to Heather Powers of Humblebeads, for her generous "Bead Table Wednesday" live podcasts, which truly inspire.  It looks easy when she does it, but I must confess this project was NOT!  I found hammering 14 or 16 gauge copper wire to a flattened state and then centering my hole punch as not to drill right through the whole end ($%^&*@#) a difficult task!  So, I came up with an alternative method to achieve a similar look.  I used 12 gauge floral wire (which looks to be copper but of course is more an artistic wire with a protective covering).  As I continued to hammer and flatten the wire, the coating started to peel, but I just kept going cuz I knew it would work!  Once I was sure I had punched an acceptable hole on both sides of the "U", and had it properly flattened, then I used some light sandpaper to knock off the loose pieces and got creative with my vintaj paints.  LOVE how this turned out.  I also used one of Heather's incredible polymer clay tubular beads and one of her birds.  Totally new style and look for me.  Thank you so much for inspiring me Heather!

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