I've been working on some new designs - yeah!  Some I can share right now and some I can't, so stay tuned... it's all about the timing don't ya know...and who might be getting what when... ha ha!  Mostly, I've been appreciating and enjoying getting back to some regular beading sessions with my friends!  We had all taken a break through the Hollydaze, and then bad weather and roads continued to make things difficult.  However, of late, we have been getting in a few group bead sessions, and that makes me so happy, and helps my artistic juices flow.  It's always fun to see how differently we all see the same pattern, and then the choices of colors, etc. we all make.  Thank you to my "bead-line" ("life-line") of friends!! :)   

So, back to some of what I've been making -- some darlin' earrings, most of these shown are my JDreams design.  The first pair below is my design... I think they're so spring-like! and I was able to get a pic outside while the sun was shining.

The pair below also my JDreams design - for someone very special.  Don't they go beautifully with the scarf underneath?

And below a creation for a friend who prefers posts instead of loop earrings, plus anything silver.  I try hard to keep posts in stock, so I'm not madly searching at the last minute.  I was happy I had these available.

And last, but not least, some fun copper wire wrapped, purple 3-shade dangles - the bead weaving design is from Deb Roberti (color variation from a previous post), and the overall design, with wire wrapping, mine.  C U T E and really light! 

Stay tuned... more to come...

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