Spring cannot come soon enough.  What a long cold snowy winter it has been, and while I have always loved the snow... this year has given me pause.  And, add insult to injury, I got this wonderful flu/cold bug that's been circulating the country.  I'm still fighting it, but much better.  Ah, to feel like there might be health again... Beading is the answer, and here are my latest creations which bring me great joy!

This earring pattern was calling to me from under my stacks of beading magazines... I just had to try the pattern and I had hoped to wear them on Valentine's Day, but, alas, that was not to be!  But now... yes, now... I need to find that perfect outfit to really show them off!  They are really wonderful in person, and have a true flair . . . A design by Thomasin Alyxander aptly named "flirtatious daggers".

These earrings are also g o r g e o u s!  It was a bracelet design by Deborah Hodoyer featured on the cover of Beadwork magazine.   I didn't think the pictures did the pattern justice, so decided to play around with the colors to see if I could spruce it up a bit.  Love how both sets below ended up.  The multi-copper 8.0 seed beads and the turquoise kheops and multi faceted 2-hole silky beads are a wonderful eye-popping combo. 

And, a new necklace in the double spiral rope pattern to go with . . . finished with some simple leather and wire wrapping.  Isn't the combo of multi-faceted fire polish, turquoise czech drops and the varying colors of 11.0, 8.0 and 6.0 sb yummy?  I am so happy with the way it turned out. 

And, then for absolute fun... I'm loving these adjustable bracelets!  The peyote bead work can be as easy or hard as you want to make it -- done fairly quickly, or, more extensive -- the skies the limit!  What a fun new splash of color on the wrist.  This first pattern is from Fusion Beads' Inspiration page, and I gave it my own spin, with bright colors for spring.  Notice the rubber rings on the side too, which I added to hold the bead work in place, but also to pull it together.  More bright colors needed...until we are officially at springtime.

This next pattern is my own design, and I'm loving the snakeskin in purple!

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