I just celebrated my SIXTIETH... wow!  I'm not sure I was ready for that big number -- no, I can categorically admit, I WAS NOT ready.  But luckily, each day follows the next, so I am trying to just be grateful for all that I have, which includes my love for beading.  It truly keeps me sane some days.  And, in that vein, I have a new piece to show you!  My sister gave me a gorgeous pendant for my big day (both the top and bottom rotate with a stone on both sides), and I decided it needed an equally gorgeous necklace and earrings -- see my finished project below--I just happen to love lapis, and I already had all the beads I strung in my stash, which was an added bonus.  I don't know what the green stone is, so if anyone does, please let me know..  The combination of these two colors is so fall.  See what you think.

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