I've been having some downright fun!  Spring brings forth lots of awesome color and playful art ideas roam around in my head . . . from decorating my house, to making little art pieces and projects, to my favorite thing, creating new jewelry.  This post includes nothing too serious or beautifully woven . . . just some bright colors and some fun, using whatever I found or have -- plastic buttons from the craft store (I love these, they are so cheery!) to metal charms, some kinda heavy, but adorable nonetheless, and some miscellaneous beads, with wire, lots of wire in 18, 20, 22 and 24 gauges.  You'll see in some of the earrings, I wire wrapped using 24 gauge, onto a more sturdy base of 18 gauge.  I smiled with each completed piece!

The pic above is just a fun throw-in!  It's the finished product of an Easter basket my grandson and I attempted using colored shredded paper.  It was so fun... but kind of tough for a little guy with all the glue and all. Heck, it was a challenge for me!!!  Here's the basic overview:  Saran wrap on the inside of a Tupperware round, square or just a plastic cup; cover the saran wrap with a mixture of half glue/half water; start layering shredded paper cross-wise, until you get it where you want it; add more glue mixture with each layer of paper so it sticks together; and then, wait for it to dry - about 24 hours - before you attempt to pull off the saran wrap.  It's pretty fun to see it completed.
A set -- these earrings just completed to go with the necklace below!

A funky little necklace.  I started with a large wood round, and started adding buttons (with 24 gauge) and I do love hearts, so that's where I started, adding a carrot and little polka dot buttons too.  I finished it off with two antique brass hearts and a rabbit head.  The rabbit is kind of heavy - too heavy for earrings, but I thought he added just the right touch to this piece.

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