One of my favorite Baristas was wearing an incredible pair of earrings - they were layered beads and brass leaves, and I asked her if I could take a closer look to see how they were made.  She was so gracious and took one off so I could really inspect it.  Then my head was aspinnin (is that a word?) with the possibilities and I couldn't wait to get to my beading table to get started with some size 18, 20, 22 and 24 gauge wire.  Her beauties fashioned more earth tone beads, and there were more layers, but as I made mine, more layers would have been too long for me, and of course I wanted to use bright colors for spring/summer, so the whole vision of them kind of took a different turn.  Some of my steps are shown below, with the completed earrings at the bottom.  Lots of wire wrapping, and wire twisting, but aren't these fun? 

Step 1 - make wire round in the loop size you want it, with 18 gauge wire, and loop ends.  Step 2 - start wire wrapping about the middle of one side of the round using 24 gauge wire, looping after every 2-3 wraps, so you have a place to hook your next layer - go all the way around to other side, half way up.  Step 3 - Start making basic wire wraps with a metal square or some other bead of your choice and attach to the gauge 24 wire loops.

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