I love having a "project" on my beading table, so when I get a few minutes I can just start where I left off and not have to think about what beads or colors I want to combine for a project.  That early process takes me a bit of time... determining color, size, shape, 1-hole, 2-hole, now 4-hole.  So many options and where to begin?  So back to this project, which is already determined, I just need more time.  I'm still working on the individual X-spokes (using the new 4-hole quadratiles), and then combining each X-spoke, either with 2-hole tiles or just another X-spoke.  It's a 2-sided design by Kelly Wiese named X-Factor, taught by Sandy Taylor @ Bead Street.  In a couple of the pics below you can see the start of another X-spoke, which will give you a better idea of how small each one is by itself.  It's gonna be pretty! Stay tuned for the finished product. 

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