Learning a new beading pattern or technique is such a gift to my mind and my soul (especially this stressful time of year!) and I am so grateful to Eileen Barker, owner of my favorite bead store, Bead Street, and those who work beside her, Sue and Irene, and Sandy Taylor, who teaches many of the classes I take!  Thank you SO MUCH!  I enjoy my time in that shop so much!!!  So... getting back to the beading at hand... here's what we learned last weekend - a bracelet pattern which I made into earrings (Fritch bracelet) designed by Vezsuzsi.  I also made a necklace, and unfortunately,  lighting is difficult this time of year.  When I took some of these shots, the sun happened to be out for a minute, so I hurried for some natural lighting.  These earrings are not quite as light as shown, the second picture reflects better color.  I also used 4mm FP for the round circle in the front, and on the the pendant I used 4mm Swarovski bicone crystals around a coral gemstone center.  Again, color slightly less bright in reality.  Kind of fun to see what a difference a bead makes in a design.  Both equally beautiful, just different.

And, some darlin' little light wreath wire wrapped earrings to match the necklace.  SO CUTE!

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