Snowflake Inspired Necklace

I love this modified tubular herringbone pattern of Eileen Barker's design - from a previous post - named Tubari.  In this version I added 3mm rounds to the 8mm sb and rizzos.  And, this beautiful pendant by Tracee Dock at the Classic Bead .  Perfect time of year for a beautiful artisan ceramic snowflake.  Tracee does beautiful work and I have several of her pieces, still waiting to be attached to that perfect stitch!

For the back part of the necklace I added some incredible Czech glass stones, and wire wrapped inbetween.  You can see the marbling in the stone in the closer up photo of the earrings below.  I also added little silver snowflake charms for a contrast to the copper wire.  I think that makes them stand out a bit more.


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