It's the start of the CRAZY Season... I hate to admit it and to actually type those words, but it's sooooo true.  Beginning today, October 1, which is a lovely day by the way -- cuz it's MY BIRTHDAY!! -- starts that time of year when there is lots to do and the time and days just fly by - Christmas before we know it.  And, we have a granddaughter due the first week of December, so I have quilts and things to make as well for this first girl!  So exciting!  So, between now and the end of the year, I must say - there is lots to do, lots to make and lots to bead... so my postings may fall short for awhile.  So, I hope you'll check back with me, to see some of my new work, as time permits me to post!

In the meantime... here's an oldie but a goodie! -- Tagua nut rounds in fall colors, hooked to copper Byzantine Chainmaille, and strung glass and copper beads.  A great one for fall!

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