New Beaded Bracelet For Valentine's Day!

A new pattern by Starman Trendsetter Nicole Starman called "Rondell Revolution".  It's a wonderfully creative pattern, as all of Nicole's are, especially when you add all the required beads, as I did in my second version - the multi-green/cooper version below!   I made the red/silver bracelet in a test class at Bead Street, and rushed home to immediately try and make the pattern CORRECTLY.  Best part is how forgiving it is, so, like me, if you make a mistake all the way down one side, it still comes together beautifully.  Very very lucky for me!  Thanks Sandy Taylor for dealing with all of us "test beaders" during class...

This pattern uses CzechMate 2-hole lentils, 11.0 sb and CzechMate bricks, with 6mm fire polish.  I used the red/grey lentils and really love the look.  Also, Sandy made a bracelet with tiny drops in the center in lieu of an 11.0 sb and I liked the look, so have done that same thing.  Translucent red drops - which I also added to my button clasp closure to tie them in.

I love the colors in this bracelet - two different strands of green FP and copper 11.0 sbs, with two different colors of lentils and translucent green drops - it's subtle but gorgeous!

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