I'm absolutely in love with this pattern - probably because it's close to Valentine's Day and all.  I'm just having so much fun with all the different, some non-traditional, color combinations.  The heart measures  1" x 1 1/4" and sits beautifully around your neck.  A few of the options below are already gone, but more are coming or can be made (price varies depending on chain).  If you are interested in picking specific colors, or see one you like, email me at jdreamz4u@gmail.com .  

The seed beads in this turquoise version look redder in this picture.  They really are more towards the purple family and really stand out next to the greens.

These heart earrings were made as a set to go with the opal/white inside/darker red outside heart below.  This set is gone, but I have beads to make another or similar version.    


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