Earrings, earrings, earrings.  You can never have too many, right?  I found a fun pattern at Fusion Beads, and have kind of fallen for this style.  They look like pinwheels don't they?  And, you can use so many different beads with the Super Duos.  The purple combo below was my first(!) and the second two followed with slight deviation. Colors are all varied so can be worn with lots of different clothing combos. 

Love the color combination of purples on this one.  Transparent purple Super Duos in center and four different color 8 sbs on outer edge.  I didn't add any chain to this first version, so they fit closer to the ear.  My handmade copper earring wires finish these off.  I hope you love these, Tara!  ♥ 


Multi colored center - transparent Super Duos (purple, blue, pink) with 3mm AB swarovski crystals around outer edge and with 4mm as dangle.  I changed the pattern up slightly by adding the center flower bead to each, and in this version I also used a Super Duo, instead of 15 sbs for the attachment to the chain, for a slightly longer version.

These are very fun on.  The center is transparent yellow, and the Super Duos are the pinkish color.  The bright pink/peach colors are so big this year and this earring, with the yellows, turquoise, orange, purple size 8 sbs, are versatile...I added the chain and drops after to give them a little more length and low key bling.

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