I went to a training seminar in Baltimore, MD and to make good use of some of that "plane" time, I beaded.  You can't get there from here . . . so I spent many hours in the air - one leg alone was five hours... so, it gave me time to stitch a russian lace rope necklace, until I ran out of beads.  Dang, I hate it when that happens.  So, when I got home, I finished the rope (thanks, Eileen @ Bead Street for having more of the 8's I needed!) and then embellished the ends with 2 drop peyote stitch.  Added some 3mm glass, czech drops, 15 sb's, and my metal of choice -- COPPER!
The lime green with the purple 11 sb is really a nice combo, coupled with copper findings.  And, I wear the clasp in front for a different look.

Simple copper hammered heart earrings to match.

Another darlin' pair of earrings  for a friend... who subsequently (over a year ago) lost one... oh my!  I knew she loved them, so offered to make another one.  It was a slight challenge because of the oval shape of the wire - I couldn't remember what I had used to shape the first pair.  But, I got 'er done.  I used 18 gauge for the oval, and wrapped the flower and leaf on each w/24 or 26 gauge.  Very Spring-like...love the pansies!

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Penny said...

These are adorable!