Russian Lace is one of those stitches I can do while traveling - in a car or on a plane, as long as it's straight and not bumpy!  A little limiting, I know... but I love it so, I have to try to use my time when I can get it.  My hubby and I were en route (he was driving!) to Seattle a few weeks ago to see our son, daughter-in-law and darling red headed grandson (they were preparing to move to MT) and I started this project.  I finished putting it all together once I got home, but this one was soo fun -- I started with no particular design in mind--just colors that I liked and alot of road ahead of us.  I used 6 sbs, 11 sbs and bugle beads for the necklace.  Orange/peach and dark copper. And for the pendant, I just started and kept on adding.  I started with bright green peanut beads and built from there (see the back view below).  It created a nice pocket for the crystal rivoli in the center.

I really like the lighting in the above two shots ...the colors pop and are very close to the actual finish -- The back of the pendant is shown in the next couple of shots below - the funky greeen farfalle (peanut beads) started me off... and I added from there w/lots of different colors.  I took add'l front view shots (also below), which give a little different perspective, a little more eye on the stitch and less on lighting and posturing of the piece. 


I've never tried tubular twisted herringbone and my first attempt is below.  I'm now declaring this my official new favorite.  The twist is sooo cool.  I used 8 sbs in four shades of turquoise/blue and then every so often inserted three rows of a moss green. 

I strung one of my crystal hearts on the herringbone twist... it pulls in all the colors in the necklace.

A fun birthday project for a friend... Hope you love it Julie!  Tagua nut round, Czech bird bead w/gold outline, lucite flowers, turquoise drop and my fav... copper wire.  I had given her earrings with the green bird bead two years ago... this is an addition to her JDreams collection!

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