A little bling, a little retro, a little repro!  I'm taken with these flower pendants right now.  I think they remind me of something my grandmother might have worn, which seems comforting in some way. A smaller version is hilited in my earlier blog "Ode to Spring Colors".This version is larger than previous projects--and making a necklace heavy enough to hold the pendant has presented a challenge.  Here, I made a two strand necklace, the first using RAW with beads in the center, and then a second strand of 11 sb's and 4mm rounds.  Still working on the weight issue, even with the two strands.  One more strand may do it.   The milky pair shaped 16x12 mm drops are so beautiful in the light, along with the tanzanite rivoli in the center and the green faceted drops and czech marbled teardrops.  What you can't see very well are the purple czech leaves on the bottom layer.  I'll need to take some additional side and back views to include in this post, to provide a better view of the multi-layers.



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